Varieties We Grow

We grow approximately 15 different varieties at different times throughout the year. Scroll down to learn more about some of them or click here to download a PDF of our most popular with ideas of how to cook with them!


Oyster mushrooms are wonderfully flavorful and come in a variety of colors. We grow 5 varieties, including blue, Italian, snow, tropical pink and yellow. They have many health benefits including vitamins, protein, antioxidants and twice as many beta-glucans as button mushrooms, helping reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.

COOKING IDEAS: Oysters develop their flavor when cooked and shine when stir-fried or sautéed. We like to cook them with oil or butter at high heat until they are caramelized - golden brown with crispy edges. We add them to almost everything -- pasta, soups, pizza, eggs, tacos, etc. You can fry them up for oyster po' boys or use them to make our favorite: mushroom stroganoff!

Lions Mane

Lions Mane is known for its medicinal benefits and is also a unique culinary delight! It is known to relieve depression and anxiety, support nerve cellular regrowth and brain development, reduce risk of diabetes and much more. I encourage everyone to do their own research and learn about this amazing mushroom's benefits for our bodies.

COOKING IDEAS: Lions Mane shreds by hand to the consistency of crab meat and has a wonderful mild flavor. This mushroom is a perfect substitute for crab in vegetarian crab cakes! Also try it sautéed in eggs, soup or tacos. It's surprisingly versatile and will stand out in any dish.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl mushrooms are unique to grow and cook with. They are a cross between a King oyster and a Pearl oyster, with unique characteristics of each. They have an oyster-like cap and a thick, meaty stem. As one of our personal favorites, this one stands out as an amazing mushroom that can be used in almost any dish!

COOKING IDEAS: Black Pearls are extremely versatile. They are an excellent stir-fry mushroom. Dice them up, sauté with oil or butter until white stems are golden. They are our FAVORITE taco mushroom!


Chestnut mushrooms, also known as cinnamon caps, stand out with their bright, reddish-brown color. Don't worry if the caps are a little slimy - that's just a unique characteristic of chestnuts!

COOKING IDEAS: Chestnuts have a crispness that is often retained even after cooking. You can try sautéing with veggies and serving over rice, couscous or your favorite grain.


Piopinno mushrooms are an Italian delicacy. These beautiful mushrooms have soft, fragile caps and crisp, crunchy stems. They have a rich, earthly flavor and also produce some of the best dried mushrooms.

COOKING IDEAS: Unlike most of the varieties we grow, this mushroom also has an amazing flavor when raw. Whereas an oyster tastes better the longer its cooked, piopinnos shouldn't be overcooked. Traditionally they are used in Italian pasta dishes and also pair well with fresh garden vegetables like greens, asparagus and more.

King Oyster

King oysters, also known as a King Trumpet, are cultivated in a unique way to produce strikingly large, white stems. While you eat the whole thing, the robust stems are the highlight of this mushroom!

COOKING IDEAS: King oysters are easy to cook with! They can be sliced, diced and even grated. Their meaty texture allows them to work well as a meat or seafood alternative in many dishes. A popular dish is mushroom "scallops" - slice them into thick rounds and sauté on both sides until golden brown. We like cooking the scallops in a lemon cream sauce and pairing with wild rice & wine.


Reishi are medicinal mushrooms, most commonly consumed in powder or tincture form.

Other Varieties

Other varieties that we occasionally grow include shiitake, beech, maitake, nameko and cordyceps.