Interior Alaska's only year-round Mushroom Farm

Boreal Woods Mushroom Farm grows a wide variety of flavorful gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for Fairbanks and the surrounding communities.

Our Story

Our farm began in 2020 as a family project to bring unique varieties of mushrooms to interior Alaska year-round. We have since developed and learned new methods in cultivating and now grow over 15 varieties and teach community classes to help educate others on unique farming methods in our tough climate. Our goal is to inspire others to think outside the box and find new ways for sustainable, year-round agriculture in interior Alaska.

  • Varieties

    We grow approximately 15 varieties of mushrooms.

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  • Grow Your Own

    We produce high-yielding, ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks of different varieties that are easy to grow at home!

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  • Recipes

    Cooking tips and recipe ideas for different varieties!

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