Free Mushroom Compost

A by-product of our mushroom growing is large amounts of spent growing blocks.

After a few harvests, these block are no longer viable in the grow room, however, they make excellent additions to compost piles! The blocks are made of sawdust and soybean hull that is consumed by mycelium and will accelerate the decomposition of your compost while adding beneficial microorganisms to your garden.

We have a nearly unlimited supply available for FREE - here's the catch: You'll need to load the blocks into your truck or trailer and each block has a plastic bag that need to be removed before composting, so it is a bit of work.

Composting: We do recommended composting the blocks for at least one year before adding them to your garden. First year blocks (not composted) will very likely overrun your garden with mushrooms - you could experiment with creating a dedicated garden bed of 'wild' gourmet mushrooms! Second year blocks will be fully decomposed.

Quantities: Due to the large, recurring quantity we have to get rid of, we aren't able to coordinate people taking one 5-gallon bucket at a time. We are typically looking for people who can haul at least a pickup truck's worth or more.

Get your compost!

If you're looking for LARGE quantities of compost material (a minimum of a small truck bed), sign up below to get on our pickup list. We will schedule pickup days this spring and email you when we have the dates!